The black sun of Zeda

Edizione tradotta in inglese

Edizione inglese

Edizione inglese della seconda edizione italiana del "Il sole nero di Zeda". Il traduttore insisteva per "The dark sun of Zeda" ma per me il sole era semplicemente nero ...

The black sun of Zeda

The black sun of Zeda is a fable for everyone, a fantastic story beyond the time, destined to remain engraved in the collective imaginary.
A story of fears and suspense to overcome and win fear. A story to gather people and generations in the fundamental values of the humanity.
A fable? You can also call it so, as the author wanted, or at least you can read it to a child, but it is something more. A story in the story. That spider, at the beginning and at the end of the work, increases the tension of the metaphor, getting further the stories told by the real world and protecting the reader anyway. Reading over those few lines, a parallel world opens, a micro world, only apparently distant: an animal and anthropomorphic world, almost a fable where the bug thought back the dangers and pains of life to find one positive equilibrium at the end.

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